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Class Descriptions: My classes are for class participants to have fun while they are learning, and to go beyond where they thought possible. In a non-threatening and respectful environment, I guide students to work in the direction of their own interest so that each person produces individual work within the general theme of the class...(more/download 43.2kb)

African Clothes, Colours & Quilts: Africa has a rich, varied textile heritage, including everyday cloths, attire and ceremonial garments. In this class we view slides and examples of the treasure trove of African textiles from Egyptian appliqué to woven Kente cloths and textured Shoowa velvets, to contemporary printed and embellished work...(more/download 9.06kb)

African Motifs in Design: Enjoy a rich array of African textiles made over the centuries, from Egyptian appliqué, to woven Kente cloth and contemporary printed and embellished work. After seeing slides and actual textiles, you may choose to work by hand or machine to make your own small bag or quilt top...(more/download 20.4kb)

Branch Out: Nature has crafted trees to be the largest life forms that have ever existed on our planet. They have given shelter, shade, food and inspiration for centuries to artists,   poets and storytellers. Now let us celebrate their beauty and diversity by using them as a basis for composition and design...(more/download 22.3kb)

Confident Colour: COLOR is the most striking feature of any quilt, yet so many people are afraid of using it .In this hands-on workshop students will learn how to use color confidently and sensitively to bring added life back into...(more/download 19.2kb)

Design in Action: The purpose of this class is to take an in-depth look at the arrangement and organization of visual elements that make a successful composition or design; and to study the raw elements of design, and see how they can be put to use in the process of quiltmaking...(more/download 21.7kb)

Kandinsky Quilts: .  If Kandinsky had made quilts they would have been singing magic! Discover that magic and feel the color and line in Kandinsky's work as you heighten the sensitivity of your new quilts. In studying the work of this influential painter's extraordinary lyrical abstract compositions, discover how you can learn from his use of abstract shapes, symbolic glowing color and expressive lines...(more/download 36.9kb)

Earth, Wind & Fire: In this class students will use nature as a starting point in their study of the magic of color as they discover the myriad varieties and ever-changing palettes of the natural world. Using nature as a source of inspiration, students will investigate the range and qualities of features like rich earth browns, cool air and water blues and greens...(more/download 17.1kb)

Embroidery, Embellishment, Enrichment: For hundreds of years people have felt compelled to decorate their bodies, clothing, homes and surroundings. Now treat yourself to the luxury of beautifying your work with embroidery and embellishment. In this class, students will embellish a small...(more/download 17.9kb)

Line Dance - Short: Line is one of the most vital elements of design. This class offers you the opportunity to have fun with line and make it work for your quilts, by adding movement, texture and vitality in smooth, graceful, sharp, crisp or fuzzy lines. Learn to explore what sensitive...(more/download 10.5kb)

Over The Moon: The moon with its phases and movement across our skies has always had a special place in our hearts and lives. This class offers an opportunity to celebrate its varying shapes, light and mystery as the basis for making a rich and exciting quilt top...(more/download 8.74kb)

Quilt Jazz: If freedom and fun is what you need in your quiltmaking, this is the class for you.  Learn to free yourself of all those tight restrictions that threaten to choke your creativity while you create a colorful and exuberant piece, without losing the essence of a quilt...(more/download 9.07kb)

The Thinking Eye: This class is an in depth investigation into the artistry and magic of the famous 20th century artist Paul Klee.  After looking closely at his amazing work, be inspired by his sensitive playfulness and enchantment to create a new whimsical or abstract quilt of your own...(more/download 11.9kb)

Touch & Tell: The purpose of this class is to encourage and teach students to explore and use texture more adventurously in quilt making, while maintaining the principles of good design. Initial interactive discussion will emphasize the nature of texture generally, visual texture and actual texture, in nature...(more/download 21.6kb)

Up Close & Personal - Short: Add new freshness to your quilts with designs taken from in-depth microscopic views of the world. Learn to enlarge tiny details from both natural and man-made objects and use these to make surprising and individual quilt designs for your own quilt top in class...(more/download 9.31kb)

Cross Currents: Give your quilts a new energy by discovering the strength of crossed designs. From signatures to quilts to voters' marks, X and + shapes have long provided visual impact along with strength and stability. Learn how these shapes and their variations have been effectively used for generations by...(more/download 9.97kb)

Face Value: Every day, whether we like it or not, we see our faces in the mirror. This is the most important way we have of recognizing friends and strangers. From rock engravings and masks to formal portraits, people have depicted faces for thousands of years. In this class we look at ways of unraveling the...(more/download 10.4kb)

Going Round In Circles: In this hands-on class we enjoy discovering the huge variety, history, symbolism and design possibilities of circles and learn how to sew them. From perfect whole circles to eccentric and concentric circles, a variety of spirals and helixes, arcs and wedges, students will learn how to break up...(more/download 10.6kb)

Dancing On The Tightrope: Are you ready for a totally new start to your work but are not sure how and where to begin? Then this class is for you. After looking closely at work at a variety of contemporary art, from street artists to new fabric designers, we will start on exciting new approaches to design that reflect the changing world aesthetic. Discussions and practice will include keeping a balance in the excitement of the new as you try novel ways and materials to bring new life and vitality into your work. You will make several small experimental studies before embarking on a larger piece.

Hand Stitching For Texture And Touch: Explore the possibilities of adding texture, depth, pattern and excitement to your work with stitching. Working by hand with a variety of stitches and threads, discover the numerous ways in which layering with threads can add richness and mystery to your textile pieces. We will explore and study mark and pattern images by artists and groups from around the world. By also seeing actual examples you can touch and study work up close. By the end of the 3 relaxed days, you will have a working knowledge of numerous stitches and threads, a “book” of stitches for future reference, and a larger optional piece of your own stitched work.

Here and now: Unleash your inner artist and make a quilt that no one else could make as you develop a personal design with your own sense of time and place. Emphasis will be on COLOR and VALUE, LINE, SHAPE and TEXTURE to express your own journey to where you are now in your life....(more/download 103kb)

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