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Rosalie Dace is a full time quiltmaker whose work reflects her passion for colour, pattern and texture.  She has had a lifelong interest in textiles and embroidery and has a degree in Art and English.  While she values the traditions from which our quiltmaking has come, she believes that a quilt should say something about its time and place in history.  This and her awareness of being a South African artist give her work its particular character.

Occupation: Artist, Teacher
Medium:       Contemporary Quilt making
Born:             Durban, South Africa; 1947
Education     University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
1968  B.A. (Fine Art & English)
1969  University Education Diploma

1987            Houston International Quilt Festival

  1. Africa Exhibition,  Grassroots Gallery, Westville
  2. Westville Arts and Crafts Exhibition
  3. Anthea Martin Gallery, Westville
  4. Anthea Martin Gallery, Westville
    South African Textile Art, MACS Centre, Pietermaritzburg
  5. Quilting and Beyond, Tatham Art Gallery, Pietermaritzburg
    Quilts, Galerie im Stadhaus, Bad Homburg, Germany
  6. South African Textile Art  , NSA Gallery, Durban

   Out of Africa  , Fresno Art Museum, California
1995           Women: Myths, Fantasies and Expressions, Anthea Martin Gallery

  1. Innovative Threads 1996, Cape Town
  2. Innovative Threads 1997, Cape Town
    Fibre Exhibition, African Art Centre, Durban.
  3. Textiles, African Art Centre, Durban
    "Transformed"-textiles as a creative medium exhibition, KZNSA Dbn
    Innovative Threads 1998, Cape Town
  4. Fibreworks 1, Tatham Art Gallery, Pietermaritzburg

   Innovative Threads 1999, Cape Town;
   Columbus, Ohio (invitational quilt)

  1. Association of Arts Exhibition , Pretoria
    Fire and Fibre, Bayside Gallery, Durban
    Innovative Threads 2000, Cape Town; Johannesburg
  2. Fibreworks 2, Tatham Art Gallery, Pietermaritzburg

  Jabulisa Exhibition (toured South Africa 2001 - 2003)
Innovative Threads 2001, Cape Town; Durban

  1. Clay and Fibre , Bayside Gallery, Durban
    Innovative Threads 2001, Paris
    Innovative Threads 2002, Cape Town; Bellville;
    Innovative Threads 2002   London
  2. Innovative Threads 2003, Cape Town, Holland
    Major Minors,World Quilt and Textile Show, USA
    Major Minors, Christchurch, New Zealand
  3. Innovative Threads 2004, Cape Town
    New International Quilts, Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead, UK
  4. Innovative Threads 2005. Cape Town

Pushing The Surface, Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum
Coshocton, Ohio

  1. Art==Quilts=Art, Schweinfurth Art Center. Auburn, New York

Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara, CA
Major Minors, Johannesburg

  1. Fibreworks IV, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Margate

                      Fibreworks TEN, CapeTown
                      Give and Take: Education and the Quiltmaker,
                      Riffe GalleryColumbus, Ohio
                      Pushing The Surface, Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum
                      Coshocton, Ohio
                      Small Works, Columbus, Ohio

South African National Quilt Festivals (held every 2 years since 1992):
1988                        Exhibited      (Best of Show)
1989   Taught         Judged
1990   Taught         Exhibited
1991   Taught
1992   Taught         Exhibited
1994   Taught         Judged
1998   Taught         Exhibited      (Best of Show)
2000   Taught
2002   Taught         Judged                       Exhibited (Invitational )

Lectures and Addresses
Rosalie has been invited to open several art and quilt exhibitions.
Locally these include:
African Art Centre Textile Exhibition (1992)
Hats, Heads and Helmets (Midlands Arts and Crafts Society,1994)
Garrett Artists Annual Exhibition of Drawings (1998)
Breytenbach and Pryce-Lewis Quilt Exhibition (1998).
Textile Art Exhibition (Natal Society of Artists, 2001)
Isiphethu Group exhibition, (African Art Centre, 2001)
Innovative Threads 2001 (Durban Art Gallery, 2001)
At the International Convention Centre in Durban she was the main speaker at the Peace Quilt unveiling (1998) and at the presentation of the Nkosi Sikelele Quilt (2001).
She was invited to present a paper at the inaugural Art Teachers' Conference in Pietermaritzburg in January 2001.
In America she delivered the opening lecture at:
Quilting-By-The-Sound, Washington State (1995)
Quilting-By-The-Lake, New York State (1999, 2007)
And the closing address at:
Quilting-by-The-Lake, New York State (2001)

In Germany she was the main speaker at the opening of an exhibition of South African textile art in Berlin (1999).

Rosalie began her teaching career in South Africa teaching art and English at a high school in Pietermaritzburg, and later taught in Grahamstown at the Johann Carinus Art Centre, the Grahamstown Technical College and at Rhodes University.
She has been teaching quiltmaking and embroidery in South Africa since 1983, and has been invited several times to teach at quilt conventions and workshops abroad:
Among these are:
1993   Quilting-By-The-Sound, Port Townsend, Washington
1995   Quilting-By-The-Sound, Port Townsend, Washington
American Quilt Society, Paducah, Kentucky
1999   Quilting-By-The-Lake, Morrisville, New York
Mulheim and Berlin, Germany

  1. Quilting-By-The-Lake, Morrisville, New York
  2. Quilting-By-The-Lake
    New Zealand Quilt Symposium.
  3. Quilting-By-The-Lake
    Quilting Surface Design Symposium
    Various quilting groups in the USA
  4. Quilting Surface Design Symposium
    Various quilting groups in the USA
  5. Quilting-By-The-Lake
    Quilting Surface Design Symposium
    Pacific International Quilt Festival
    Various quilting groups in the USA

Apart from her normal art and teaching commitments she has been involved in programmes aimed at training Zulu women embroidery skills for the Durban Manufacturing Advisory Centre and for a trust operating in rural KwaZulu-Natal.  She is also involved in teaching patchwork and quilting to a group at an old-age home in Durban.

Rosalie is a national quilt judge and, with Paul Schutte and Suzette Ehlers, developed the South African Quilters' Guild training programme for judges.  She was a judge at the South African National Quilt Festivals in 1989, 1994 and 2002, and was chief juror for the Innovative Threads 1999 exhibition in Cape Town.  In 2002 she was also chief judge at the New Zealand National Quilt Symposium

Publications and Collections
Her work, which has won several awards, including Best of Show at the South African National Quilt Festival in 1988 and 1998, is to be found in private collections and in the Durban Art Gallery, and has appeared in national and international publications including  Quilting Arts Magazine, Issue 23, Fall 2006.  Some of her work can also be seen on the Innovative Threads website (www.inno.co.za)

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